Edward Miller Biographical Sketch
Edward F. Miller
Software Research, Inc.

Edward Miller is CEO of Software Research, Inc. (SR) of San Francisco, California. He is a leading figure in the software engineering community, specializing in advanced technology for software testing, software verification and validation, automated software tool design, and software engineering management.

At Software Research he has from 1990 supervised development and worldwide deployment of the Software TestWorks system of automated software test tools for UNIX and Windows platforms, and the eValid Web Test & Analysis Suite, a system for automated website analysis, testing and QA for which these patents have been issued: US Patent 10,489,286 (26 November 2019); US Patent 7,231,606 (12 June 2007); US Patent 7,757,175 (13 July 2010); Patent #8,327,271 (4 December 2012); Patent #8,392,890 (5 March 2013); Patent #8,494,585 (23 July 2013); Patent #8,650,493 (11 February 2014); Patent #8,683,447 (25 March 2014); Patent #8,984,491 (17 March 2015); and, Patent #10,249.286 (26 November 2019). Several additional patent applications surrounding this technology are pending before the USPTO.

Ph. D. (Electrical Engineering), University of Maryland, College Park, 1968;
University of Colorado, Boulder: M.S. (Applied Mathematics), 1964;
Iowa State University, Ames: B.S. (Electrical Engineering), 1962.

Professional Activities
Program Chair for the IEEE/NBS Workshop on Software Testing and Test Documentation, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, November 1978;
General Chair of the 1st International Conference on Computer Workstations, San Jose Convention Center, November 1985;
General Chair of the 7th Annual EDP Quality Assurance Conference, Washington, D.C., November 1988.

General Chair of SR's world-recognized International Software Quality Week held in San Francisco, California, each 1988 through 2002 (15 conferences), and the International Software Quality Week/Europe held in Brussels, Belgium from 1998 through 2002 (5 conferences). The Quality Week Conferences are cooperatively sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, the National Software Council, the ACM and numerous other organizations.

Miller was a member of the program committee for the ISSTA '94 and ISSTA '96 (Software Testing and Validation) conferences. He was a program committee member for AQuIS '94 (Italy) and a program committee member and USA chair for AQuIS '96 (Italy).

Miller has given keynote talks at a range of technical conferences, including USPDI (June 1995), ISSRE (November 1995) and ASQC (December 1995).

Miller has numerous technical publications in a variety of journals, conference and workshop proceedings, etc. His publications include Software Testing and Validation Techniques (with William E. Howden), (IEEE Tutorial) and Automated Software Engineering Tools (IEEE Tutorial).

During 1983-1984 Miller was a member of the National Academy of Sciences/USAF Studies Board Task Force for Improving Software Quality and Life Cycle Cost. During 1986-87 he served on the NSF's Building Resources Board's Committee for Evaluation and Testing of Software.

He served on the Editorial Board for the IEEE's COMPUTER magazine from 1978 through 1984. He also served on the Editorial Board of IEEE's SOFTWARE magazine from 1984 through 1986.

Miller was a member of the Board of Directors of SIGARCH from 1979-1983, and was the Editor of CAN, ACM SIGARCH's Computer Architecture News, from 1980 through 1983.

Honors and Appointments
Miller is the recipient of the Professional Achievement Citation in Engineering (PACE), June 1994, issued by the College of Engineering, Iowa State University of Science and Technology. The PACE award cited his contributions to the software quality field.

Miller was elected to the Board of Directors, National Software Council, in 1996.

Prior Experience
Miller has extensive experience in all phases of digital computer software engineering, with specialties in Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Automated Tools, and Programming Technology.

Miller has been President of Software Research, Inc. (SR) since its founding in 1978.

Before to his career at SR, Miller was Director, Software Technology Center, Science Applications, Inc., San Francisco, California (1976-1978) While in that position he supervised development of advanced concept testing and quality assurance tools and directed a number of studies of various software engineering topics.

Miller was Director, Program Validation Project, (1969-1975), at General Research Corporation, Santa Barbara, California where he directed creation of source-code instrumented test coverage analysis systems for FORTRAN and Jovial.

During 1972-1974 Miller was a Lecturer, University of California, Santa Barbara, with responsibilities for courses in information structures, operating systems, and computer performance evaluation.

From 1964 to 1968, Miller was Instructor of Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, where he taught courses in computer programming, algorithmic methods, computer architecture, numerical analysis, switching and automata theory, and other basic Electrical Engineering curriculum courses.