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Digital computer systems analysis and design; software systems analysis and development; simulation; numerical analysis; information storage and retrieval systems; program validation techniques; computer performance measurement; computer architecture; computer networking; automata theory; program testing theory; automated tool development; structured programming techniques; software engineering.

1977 - : Software Research, Inc., San Francisco, California.

Software Research, Inc., Chairman

Software Research Institute: Chairman, Annual International Software Quality Week, 1988 - 2002 (15 Conferences); Annual International Software Quality Week/Europe, 1998 - 2002 (5 Conferences). Recruitment of Conference Advisory Board (10-30 members), development of Technical Program (30-60 speakers per conference), operational supervision of 4-5 day multi-track conferences.

Board of Directors, Center for National Software Studies, (previously the National Software Council), 1996-2006.

Member, External Advisory Committee, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, 1997-2004.

1975 - 1977: Science Applications, Inc., San Francisco, California.

Director, Software Technology Center. Theory and practice of software production, design and implementation of advanced software tools and associated methodologies, studies of advanced computer hardware and software architectures.
1972 - 1975: General Research Corporation, Santa Barbara, California.
Director, Program Validation Project. Basic research on issues in software quality, identification of technical requirements for Automated Verification Systems and Structured Programming preprocessors. Development of Proprietary and non-Proprietary software systems: SOFTOOL, RSVP, IFTRAN-1, RXVP-1, IFTRAN-2.
1971 - 1974: General Research Corporation, Santa Barbara, California.
Director, Performance Measurement Research Project. Studies of theory and practice of computer selection. Design of hardware monitor experiments on CDC 6400.
1972 - 1974: University of California, Santa Barbara, Lecturer,
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Graduate courses in Information Structures, Computer Performance Measurement. Member, Interim Advisory Committee, Computer Systems Laboratory.
1970: University of California Extension, Santa Barbara,
California, Lecturer (part-time). Course in principles of computer operating systems proto-typical of OS/360 MVT.
1969 - 1971: General Research Corporation, Santa Barbara, California.
Member of the Technical Staff, Data Processing Systems Department. Systems analysis for real-time testing of Ballistic Missile Defense software; design of real-time software; design of Simulation for the Analysis of Computer Systems; development of simulation data specification automation techniques. Research Board Member (1970-1971): Studies in Computer Assisted Instruction. CDC 6400, GOLETA operating system.
1968 - 1969: General Research Corporation, Denville, New Jersey.
Member of Technical Staff. Sentinel/Safeguard hardware and software systems analysis; instrumentation, data collection, and data reduction for system simulations; theory of interactive real-time testing. GE 635, GECOS operating system.
1968 Summer: ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowshop Program, Instructor.
Short course in FORTRAN for scientists with emphasis on scientific applications.
1967 - 1968: General Research Corporation, Washington, D.C.
Member of the Technical Staff. Computer systems analysis; exterior ballistics simulations; time-sharing system evaluation. CDC 1604, TRIAD applications.
1966: University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
Principal Investigator, R&D contract to Litton Systems, Inc. Project Apollo S-band antenna data analysis and reduction. Computer generation of iso-gain power plots; average power computations (IBM 7094, IBSYS/MAMOS).
1965 - 1968: University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
Instructor of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering. Courses in basic electrical engineering, algorithmic methods and computer programming, electro-magnetic theory, network analysis, probability theory, switching theory, and technology and functional organization of digital computers. Responsible for departmental computing facility. Experience with IBM 7094 I system and the MAD language under MAMOS.
1962 - 1964: E. I. DuPont De Nemours and Company, Inc., Buffalo, New York; Wilmington, Delaware; Deepwater, New Jersey. Engineer.
Thermoelectric device technology; lead-acid storage cell testing; ionic diffusion in polymetric films, infrared spectrophotometer data reduction and smoothing, IBM 7074 and IBM 1410 computer systems with FORTRAN.

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